Equine & Breeding Services

We are passionate about all things horses, and are proud to be able to offer our clients the best in equine care! 

Our on-site equine facility allows our patients to easily and comfortabley load and unload from their floats. The area is securely fenced, has a rubber trot-up area for examination and lameness evaluation, mare and foal crush and stables. Furthermore, the stable complex comprises of larger stables for big horses as well as other stabling suitable for foaling down, or housing mares and foals. 

Equine Services

Ultrasound (including breeding services)

We have two portable ultrasound machines. With these, we are able to assess tendon and ligament injuries, examine the chest for abnormalities of the heart and lungs, and assess the abdominal contents in cases of colic or weight loss. Reproductive ultrasound - examination of the uterus, ovaries and pregnancy diagnosis are also able to be performed.

Digital X-ray

Our state of the art, portable, digital imaging system allows the team to take quality x-rays, including images that meet x-ray requirements for export or domestic sales for all breeds. The x-ray images can be burned to CD or memory stick, or emailed for our customers' convenience. 


Here at Woodend, we are fully equipped to provide equine dental care, and our clients even have the choice of mouth checks or treatments being provided at our on-site equine facility or at their property.


Our vets can conduct endoscopic examinations of the respiratory tract easily. Being able to perform these examinations are crucial in order to correctly diagnose (and treat in a timely manner) conditions such as nasal discharge, coughs and colds. 

Vaccination and Worming

Vaccination and worming are a crucial part of any horse's preventative health care!  If you are unsure what is the best way to go with your animal, we are happy to advise about which types of vaccinations/protocols are recommened to keep your horse happy and healthyWe are also able to administer and provide certification for vaccinations required for export.

Health Checks

We recommend annual health checks. Even if your pet isn't displaying any health concerns, it is important to maintain these visits as they are one of the best prevenetative petcare actions you can take! We perform a complete physical examination (including teeth) and administer any vaccinations/worming treatments required. At this time, we can also assess and discuss nutrition and parasite control.  Proper nutrition is vital to the well being of any horse, and we are happy to tailor a suitable feeding programme. 

Lameness diagnosis

Our on-site facility is the perfect space for accurate diagnosis of lameness. We also offer our clients the opportunity to have the examination done on their property. If required, we can perform x-rays, nerve blocks and ultrasound examination.

Microchip implantation

We are able to implant microchips for EA, breed or ASB registration and identification.

Equine Breeding Service

We are able to offer the best in equine care, and can perform all aspects of equine breeding management (from conception thorugh to birth). 

We pride ourselves on having the ablility to offer expert care and treatment for both mare and stallion management.

  • Timing of ovulation
  • Uterine swabs
  • Identification of breeding problems
  • Artificial insemination and embryo transfer or timing of mating for on-farm or walk in-walk out service.

Please contact us on 5427 9200 or visit us at the centre for more information.