Equine (breeding services)

We are able to offer the best in equine care, and can perform all aspects of equine breeding management (from conception thorugh to birth). 

We pride ourselves on having the ablility to offer expert care and treatment for both mare and stallion management.

  • Timing of ovulation
  • Uterine swabs
  • Identification of breeding problems
  • Artificial insemination and embryo transfer or timing of mating for on-farm or walk in-walk out service.

Ultrasound (including breeding services). We have two portable ultrasound machines. With these, we are able to assess tendon and ligament injuries, examine the chest for abnormalities of the heart and lungs, and assess the abdominal contents in cases of colic or weight loss. Reproductive ultrasound - examination of the uterus, ovaries and pregnancy diagnosis are also able to be performed


Please contact us on 5427 9200 or visit us at the centre for more information.