The Rise of Celebrity Pets

It’s no secret that celebrities love their pets, taking to Instagram and other social media platforms to share their love for their favourite animals who have now become a huge part of their celebrity branding and personal story.

Starting with Paris Hilton stylishly carting her dog Tinkerbell to red carpet functions, runways and parties in the early 2000’s, now celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande and the Jenner sisters have jumped on board in recent years, even creating Instagram accounts solely dedicated to their furry friends.

These celebrity pets have been treated to the lifestyle of the rich and famous just like their owners, traveling on private jets, hanging out backstage at gigs and walking the star-studded streets of downtown LA and New York City all while developing a cult following of their own.

Norman and Bambi Jenner are just a two of the key celebrity dogs of the moment whose life and style has been photographed almost as much as the Kardashian siblings have. Their joint Instagram account has now reached over 405k followers, with the public loving the dog’s behind the scenes adventures and adorable photos.

But these dogs are not alone, with other celebrities like Ariana Grande recently debuting her newest puppy to the world (the latest addition to her existing dog family of 5), Sirius Black, a Spoodle that’s been photographed flying on a plush leather seat on a private jet.

The arrival of Sirius Black is matched with the announcement of the newest pooch in Justin Bieber’s life Esther Bieber, who gained around 1 million likes purely for being Bieber’s newest dog. But that’s not all, Australian model Miranda Kerr has been frequently seen walking and carrying her dog Frankie, who has become instantly recognisable and talked about around the globe thanks to his lovable face and small size.

However it’s not just dogs of celebrities that have become famous, with many dogs now becoming key icons on social media themselves, thanks to their owners creating online accounts dedicated to showing off their favourite animal. Fashion brands and businesses have started to pick up on the consumer’s love for a cute dog, using the animals to star in marketing campaigns and photoshoots. Recently international designer Karen Walker assigned Toast the dog to front the brand’s summer 2015 eyewear campaign as a solo face of the campaign. The King Charles Cavalier who has 252k followers on Instagram, posed in the latest designer sunglasses in a series of print, online and social media campaign images that melted the hearts of consumers across the globe.

So what makes these celebrity dogs tick? Here are a few things you need to ensure your pooch has the potential to reach celebrity status.

A famous pet needs:

  • A cult social media following.
  • Regular grooming so your animal is always looking their best.
  • Envious fashion style. Designer coats are a must as are cute bows or statement collars and leashes.
  • A designer bag to be carried around in.
  • Famous lifestyle for all to be jealous of. Typically seen travelling on planes or partying backstage at gigs.

With social media being a vital part of our everyday lives, now we have a chance to marvel over celebrity (or just really cute) pets just like we marvel over our own. Famous in their own right, these animals share style inspiration, a sneak peek at the life of our favourite celebrity or even just the chance to lust over their undeniable cuteness.