Winter is here and so is Arthritis!

With the cooler weather setting in, we have started to see an increased number of pet patients suffering from arthritis. The signs and symptoms of arthritis are often subtle. Your pet may seem less active or more irritable or they can show more severe symptoms such as a stiff gait, lameness, trouble getting up or vocalising their pain.

Arthritis is a result of degenerative joint changes including loss and damage to cartilage, thickening of the joint and surrounding tissue, bony changes and inflammation. Mostly arthritis is associated with older age, however it can also be due to injury or trauma, poor conformation and many other factors. Many of our pet patients discover they are suffering from arthritis through an x-ray, sometimes we discover it when we’re not even looking for it! While we may not be able to reverse the changes that have already occurred to a joint, we can slow the rate of progression and provide greater comfort and mobility for arthritic pets.

There are also many different supplement and treatment options available for arthritis in all species. These may include oral supplements, prescription diets or injectable treatments of anti-inflammatory medications. Weight loss and exercise management also contributes significantly to joint health, mobility and comfort, so that quick walk around the block is often doing greater wonders than you think!

If you are concerned your pet may be suffering from arthritis, speak to our friendly team and make an appointment for your pet! An initial consultation will often help determine the best plan for your pet, as often a combination will be required. These treatment plans can make a big difference to our pet's quality of life and continued comfort, keeping them happy and healthy all year round!