Sandy's babies are all grown up

As many of you may know we have operated the shire cat pound for some time. This means that all the local stray cats are brought to us and usually make their way through our shelter program if an owner cannot be found.

At the end of February, we were surprised to have a whole litter of newborn kittens delivered to our door, and luckily for us (as they need feeding every few hours) the very next day their mum, later named Sandy, was brought in. Over the past few months all the staff at Woodend Veterinary Centre have helped Sandy raise her litter of five kittens in the clinic: three ginger boys (Rowie, Custand and Lachy) and two girls (Arya and Sansa). In the last month they finally grew big enough to undergo their desexing surgeries and enter our adoption program!

It has been so fun for all of us to watch these kittens open their eyes, take their first real steps and develop their own unique personalities. We are pleased to say that all five of Sandy’s babies have now found their forever homes.