Migs - Face of the clinic

A lot of you may have seen our gorgeous girl Migs at the front desk taking charge of the clinic. There have been some confused faces too asking if she was statue or if we’d accidentally let a cat loose.  
Well, she was surrendered to us in 2016 and her laid back attitude made her a suitable candidate for our clinic cat. It wasn’t long after that we discovered she was a diabetic (no better place to be living than a vet clinic,) which now means Migs receives insulin morning and night while on a special diet.  

The team all love her, even when she wants to sit on the computer keyboard…  

We have recently given her a lion haircut to help get rid of some mats plus make her feel better for summer, this has given her a very interesting two-tone coat colour.  

If you ever see her at the clinic don’t forget to give her a big pat, she loves attention!!