Kirsty Swinton of Equine Dynamics and Woodend Veterinary Centre are proudly partnering!

Freshly returned from the World Endurance Championships in Slovakia, Kirsty will be setting up shop at Woodend Veterinary Centre every Wednesday from Oct 5th.

Kirsty has owned her own business, Equine Dynamics since the beginning of 2010, and this has evolved over the years into a business offering a very unique range of modalitiesincluding Equine Osteopathy, Advanced Sports Massage, Myofascial Release, Saddle Fitting and Shoeing Dynamics, Lameness and Gait Abnormalities and Rehabilitation. 

Working together we will strive to provide an absolute service. Equine Dynamics clients will receive superior musculoskeletal therapy, and will have seamless and immediate access to expert veterinary treatment and facilities if referral is necessary. All this from one convenient location, the state-of-the-art Woodend Veterinary Centre equine treatment area and stables.

Session breakdown: 

A session on average will take 1 hour, and the usual format is as follows:

  • Static and dynamic assessment of the horse.
  • Palpation and range of motion assessments.
  • Saddle fit assessment.
  • Discussion of past issues and the reason for session.

The bodywork will include a combination of: 

  • Sports massage. 
  • Osteopathy techniques as required. 
  • Modalities as needed, such as kinesiology taping, electrotherapy, red-light therapy. 
  • Homework exercises will be provided.
  • Session summary.
  • If veterinary work is needed, this can be discussed on and potentially performed on the day.

Sessions:  1 hour

Price list:  $70

Availability:  Wednesdays 9am - 4pm. 

For further information on Kirsty's services, please download a flyer - Equine Dynamics. Or visit Kirsty's Facebook page.