Bovine Love

It’s is not a secret that we love treating all creatures great and small – but this month we’d like to talk about cattle. Dr Joss has had extensive experience in cattle practice from intensive dairy practice to pet highlanders and everything in between – she once helped with the veterinary work involved in flying a small load of hand-picked miniature cattle to a sheik as a gift for his daughter’s birthday party! 

During her career, Joss has gained further qualifications as an Australian Cattle Vets member including APAV accreditation (including JDCAP), AAV accreditation and passing her examination to be accredited under the Australian Cattle Vets’ PREgCHECK™ scheme.

A certified PREgCHECK™ can only be performed by an accredited vet. This is a vet who has demonstrated knowledge and experience in the pregnancy diagnosis of cattle and undergone further examination. We can detect pregnancy from 6 weeks. 

Dr Joss and the veterinary team at Woodend Veterinary Centre offer a range of bovine services including: reproductive and obstetric services, ambulatory, surgical, laboratory/pathology services, lameness treatment and prevention, disease management and investigation programs, management and husbandry advice and consultancy. We are always so happy to get out and about!