Addressing your survey feedback

For those of you that have been to our clinic over the past year, you might recall receiving a survey via email. These surveys are vital for us as a practice to understand what you as customers and pet owners like, or even dislike, about our clinic. After all, we want to provide you with the best possible experience. That's essentially what we are all here for and it really makes our day if we can give you and your pet a happy, comfortable visit. 

Addressing your survey feedback

Woodend has been incredibly lucky, we have had so many lovely comments about our staff, happy pet stories and overall success in treatment plans. We would like to take this opportunity to address feedback that we have received, hoping to answer some of your questions and improve your experience with us.

If you have a preferred vet, please let us know. We understand it is similar to when we ourselves are booking with a preferred doctor. Once you have your trust and confidence in a professional, you don't want to change. This is completely understandable! By all means, please ask our reception staff when you book a consult that you would like to see a certain team member. Our vets have specific days and shifts so we are happy to fit in with your needs. 

Another factor is cost. This is a topic every clinic has from time to time. We know it can be a shock to suddenly have a vet bill, and the emotional effects of a sick pet is something both parties can struggle with. We have taken the feedback of what is costly and what lifelong, ongoing preventative care prices are and have come up with a fair and helpful wellness program called Best for Pet. This program includes unlimited free consultations, vaccinations, $250 off a dental procedure, a health screen blood test valued at $220 and more!  You can view more details of the program here:

When talking prices always remember to compare apples with apples. Many factors that come into an estimate is time, medications, equipment used and skill level of the staff. Unfortunately, not every clinic can be the same. If you are ever concerned, please ask the question. We are here to be on the same team as you and get the best result for your pet. 

Lastly, we have been asked about online bookings. We do have this available. It's at the top of the website you will find a BOOK APPOINTMENT button. Simply click on the button and it will direct you to our booking page.

Thank you very much for all the feedback we have received, and we look forward to seeing you in the clinic next time.