Here at Woodend, we want to provide a service that extends beyond our excellent treatment and care. We are a partner in petcare, and strive to provide the best support, expert advice and comfort to patients and clients alike.

Definitely the Best Vets, they get my vote “1”

Andrew March

I took Bronte, a gorgeous 7 year old chocolate labrador to the Glen Iris Vet Clinic this afternoon. The vet on duty, Claire, was very kind and extremely competent. When she first met Bronte, she gave Bronte a pigs ear and immediately became Bronte’s new best friend. She not only examined Bronte in the consultation room, but also took her for a walk down the street to check out her gait. Unfortunately Bronte has developed a common ‘labrador complaint’ (arthritis) and she has been commenced on anti-inflammatory medication. Claire hopes that the medication will bring a spring back into her step. Bronte is already looking forward to her visit next week (and another pig ear!).

Sarah Russell

Amazing place with such caring and wonderful service. Love them

Kristin Flanagan

Our family dog ‘Bella’ gets treated here and she loves vet visits now. We couldn’t ask for more.

Katie O'Brien