Behaviour Consults

Behaviour Consults are a great way to teach your dog good behaviour. Behavioural problems may be a result of lack of training or breed specifics. However, it is never too late to teach an old dog new tricks!

How do Behaviour Consults work?  

Behaviour consults are booked at the Woodend Veterinary Centre, where reception details the problems that are experienced by the owner and their dog.  

In her extensive experience, Jennie Kyritsis has found that dogs will behave in various ways, depending on the breed (and the owner’s knowledge of how their chosen breed behaves) workload, (both physically and mentally) and prior training.  

Jennie communicates with the owner, ensuring she fully understands the depth of the problem and how best to approach the situation. The session includes talking with pet owners initially and observing the dog, followed by demonstrating relevant training techniques.  


Session Details  

The session will vary depending on the dog and what particular issue they are experiencing.

Duration: 1 hour sessions.

Where: Sessions are conducted in home (which is preferable as most initial training conducted in a familiar environment is far more beneficial). However, if requested by the owner, the session can also be held in the clinic.

Clinic Session Price: $120 (one hour session)

Call Out Session Price: $120 (one hour session) + $1.75 per kilometre (there & back)


Who runs Behaviour Consults?

Behaviour consults are run by professional dog trainer, Jennie Kyritsis.

Jennie has been training working dogs for many years including livestock and her own farm dogs and has been training and competing in the obedience and agility ring for most of her life. She actively trains and competes in obedience and agility with her own dog Mika, and also currently instructs classes at a dog training facility. She has completed many short courses in dog training and puppy pre-school training. She is currently studying a Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training with one of the world’s most recognised Dog Training Companies - National Dog Trainers Federation of Australia