Coping with firework frights!

Firework displays may be exciting and beautiful to us humans, but the same can’t be said for all family members. Loud and unexpected noises can be extremely distressing for our pets!


New Years Eve is fast approaching and so we have put together some useful points to prevent your pet from panicking, injuring themselves or getting lost in a bid to escape the noise!


Tips to avoid firework fright

Exercise and feed your pet before fireworks start. Burning off some energy and being well fed will help them unwind. They will then be more inclined to relax, and be in a calmer frame of mind once festivities begin. It will also give them the opportunity to go to the toilet, so they may not need to go outside later in the evening.


Set them up in a secure and safe place before fireworks begin. When confronted with unexpected, booming noises pets can panic and take flight, so they should be brought indoors if possible. Set them up in a quiet area with a favourite toy or blanket. Close the curtains or blinds, so that they are not exposed to the flash of fireworks, and remove any sharp objects that could cause injury if they do panic. For pocket pets it is a good idea to provide extra bedding so that they can burrow and feel safe.


Staying home with your pet is ideal. If this isn’t possible, try to arrange for someone to check on them.


Be aware of any signs of stress. These can include heavy panting, shaking and shivering. If your pet does show these signs, it is important that you remain calm. Your mood can have a soothing affect on them. Stroking them and subtly trying to distract your pet can be very effective- a nice juicy bone to chew is a great distractor for dogs!


Make sure your pet is microchipped and has external identification (name and telephone number) in case of escape! If your pet is found on the street or in an unfamiliar area, anyone who finds them will be able to contact you directly and easily. 


If you are concerned about your pet’s ability to deal with fireworks, please contact us about a noise management plan and possible treatment options.

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