5 tips for your new dog’s first day

The day you bring home your new dog can be rather stressful and overwhelming, so we have listed a few tips to allow for a smooth transition for your dog’s first day.

  1. When picking up your new best friend, don’t forget to ask what and when they were fed. It can be very beneficial to replicate the pre-existing routine for the first few days to avoid any gastric distress. If you wish to switch the dog food to a different brand, you can slowly mix the new and old brand, and eventually move to the new brand.
  2. The trip home can sometimes be a little stressful for your dog. Providing a snuggly crate can help your dog feel safe and secure.
  3. Once you have arrived home, bring your dog to their toilet area immediately and spend time with them there until they get used to the area and relieve themselves there.
  4. Your new dog has a lot to take in, so it is important to only introduce members of the family, rather than allowing your dog to meet and get overwhelmed by strangers.
  5. Spend time with your dog to help them settle in and feel safe, and start your schedule for feeding, toileting and exercise.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff. 

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